Best Christian and Missionary Websites

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5 Fish Mobi


Adrian Rogers Sermons

Adventism False Doctrines and Beliefs

Agnosticism and Reasons Why Jesus is the Truth

Alien Intrusion Film on Dvd in 16 Langauges

American Indian Outreach Resources

Amy Carmichael Ministry

Amy Carmichael Story Film on Dvd - Watch Online in 33 Languages

Animism From a Christian Viewpoint

Are You a Good Person Illustrated Evangelistic Online Tract and Video in 48 Languages

Atheism From a Christian Viewpoint

Aviation Ministries


Bamboo in Winter Film on Dvd in 5 Languages

BBN Bible Institute Free Online Audio Courses in 9 Languages

Bengali Christian Resources

Beyond the Next Mountain Film in 4 Languages

Bible Based ESL Resources

Bible Correspondence Courses in 80 Languages

Bible Correspondence Course Ministry Locations Around the World

Bible Education by Extension or Theological Courses in 67 Languages

Bible for Children Stories Online in 354 Languages

Bible in My Language- Helping You to Find Bibles and New Testaments in Many Languages

Bible Is

Bible Study Fellowship in 16 Languages in Locations Around the World

Bible Questions and Answers in 166 Languages
Please visit these two websites:

Bible Storying Online in 160 Languages

Bible Storying Resources

Bible Visuals in 72 Languages

Biblical Love- Books, Audio, Teaching, Films, Videos, and Tracts

Bilingual Four Spiritual Laws Tracts in 96 Languages

Bilingual Tracts for Phones in 74 Languages

Book of Acts Film in Nine Languages

Books and Sermons on the Ministry of Intercessory Prayer

Braille Christian Resources

Bread of Life Baptist Press Printing Ministry

Bridge Tract in 7 Languages


Buddhism From a Christian Viewpoint

Bullying is Wrong - Reasons From Christian Sources

Burning Hell Film on Dvd and Watch Online in English, Malayalam, Slovak, Spanish, and Tagalog


Candle in the Dark Film in Eight Languages

Cantonese or Yue Christian Resources

Cars, Trucks and Vans for Christian Missionaries and Ministries - Where to Buy, Rent or Loan

Catholicism - Crisis of Faith Film in Seven Languages

Catholicism is Doctrinally Wrong

Chick Tracts - Illustrated Evangelistic Tracts or Booklets in 143 Languages

Child Evangelism Fellowship Locations in Countries Around the World

Childrens Outreach Resources

Chinese Christian Resources

Chinese, Mandarin, and Cantonese Christian Films, Dvds, and Digital Downloads

Chosen Witness Online Film in 37 Languages

Christian Apologetics Resources

Christian Audio Resources and Ministries

Christian Children’s Clubs

Christian Cinema

Christian Comic Tracts - Read Online in Hundreds of Languages

Christian Ebooks and Online Christian Articles

Christian Legal Resources

Christian Outreach Resources for Children

Christian Prayer Resources

Christian Revival Resources

Christian Resources in England

Christian School and Homeschool Resources

Christian Tracts in Many Languages

Christian Video Testimonies in English, Spanish, and Romanian

Christianity Explained in 18 Languages in Audio, Video, and With Words Online

Christianity Explored Film on Dvd in 15 Languages

Church of Scientology False Doctrines and Beliefs

Community Bible Study Lessons in 37 Languages

Conservative Christian Radio Stations Streamed Online in 12 Languages

Conservative Preaching

Conversation Starters Online Film in 198 Languages

Courageous Film on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in Eight Languages

Creation Ministry Resources

Creative Arts Ministry Resources

Creation to Christ Story - Watch Online in 43 Languages

Cru Christian Resources in 28 Languages

Czech and Slovak Christian Resources


Damascus Film on Dvd in 8 Languages

David Jeremiah Ministry Links

Daya Sagar Video

Days with Jesus Online Film in 28 Languages

Deaf Bible Online in 28 Languages

Deaf Ministry Resources

Dennis Swanberg Online Videos, Books, Cds, and Dvds

Digital Bible Library - Bibles, New Testaments, and Bible Portions Online in 1400 + Languages

Do You Ever Wonder Online Film in 11 Languages

DR Harrison Audio and Video Sermons

Dutch Christian Resources


El Infierno Ardiente Dvd

Engineering and Architectural Work for Christian Ministries Around the World

England Christian Resources

Equipping the Saints

Ethnic Harvest
Ethnic Harvest provides resources on their web site in many languages.

Evangelism Apps in 81 Languages

Evangelism Resource Directory

Evantell Tracts in 35 Languages

Evolution’s Achilles’ Heels Film in 16 Languages


Facing the Giants Film on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in Seven Languages

Faith Comes By Hearing

Faith Only For Salvation

Farming Training Online by Christian and Secular Organizations

Fasting in the Bible

Fellowship Tract League Tracts in 78 Languages - Online and on Paper

File Zero Online Film in 10 Languages

Filipino Christian Dvds and Digital Downloads

Filipino Christian Resources

Financial Ministry Resources

Find A Bible
Find a Bible can help you out where to get a Bible in the language of your choice. Languages are arranged alphabetically.

Fireproof Film on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in Nine Languages

Firm Foundations - Creation to Christ Books and Downloads in 13 Languages

Five Fish Christian Resources

Five Love Languages - Audio cd, Audio Books, Books, Curriculum, Dvds, Kindle Books, Newsletter, Online Articles, Podcast, and Online Videos

Flying Disc with an Evangelistic Message in 18 Languages

Following Jesus Film (India) Online Film in 19 Languages

Forgiveness - Books, Dvds, Digital Downloads, Audio Sermons, Video Sermons, and Online Articles

Four Prophecy Films About the Tribulation in 3 Languages

Four Spiritual Laws Tract Online in 158 Languages

Free Christian Online University in Seven Languages

Free Christian Resource Library in 26 Languages

Free Evangelistic Cartoon Tract in 48 Languages

Free Online Audio Bible College in 36 Languages - Mini Bible College

Free Online Bible Commentary in 50 Languages

Free Software Program for Disciple Making Movements

Freedom in Christ Ministries Websites Around the World

French Christian DVDs

French Christian Resources


Genesis Paradise Lost Film in 27 Languages

German Christian Resources

Go Tandem Bible Engagement App from Back to the Bible in 12 Languages

God of Wonders Film on Dvd in 39 Languages

God of Wonders Online Film in 23 Languages

God with Us Film on Dvd - Watch Online in 31 Languages

God’s Outlaw Film on Dvd in Four Languages

God’s Simple Plan of Salvation Tract in 117 Languages Online

God’s Story Film in 390 Languages

God's Story Film in 300 Plus Languages

Gods Story India - Dvds in 55 Languages of India for a Low Price

Good Soil Evangelism and Discipleship Materials in 27 Languages

God’s Three Deadlines - Audio and Video Sermon

Global Recordings Network - Audio and Video Directory of Resources in Thousands of Languages - Bible Questions and Answers in 166 Languages

Gujarati Christian Resources


Harvest Productions Films on Dvd in 40 Languages

Hausa Christian Resources

He Lived Among Us Evangelistic Comic Book in 16 Languages

Heart of Man Chart

Hebrew Christian Resources

Hell is Real Now - Audio and Video Sermons, Books, Bible Questions and Answers, Online Articles, Dvds, Tracts, and Online Films

Here’s Life Spiritual Growth Presentation in 73 Languages

Here’s Life Tract- Read Online, Print Off the Internet, and Order on Paper in 96 Languages

Hindi Christian Resources

Hope for the Heart Christian Resources on Many Topics - Free Downloand on Pdf

How to Get to Heaven from Every State in the USA Tracts

Howard Hendricks Audio, Video, Books, and Teaching

Hungarian Christian Resources


I Found Shalom - Online Testimonies of Jewish People Who Believe that Jesus or Y’shua is the Messiah

India Christian Dvds

India Christian Tracts - Christian Tracts in the languages of India

Indigitous Gospel Resource Directory of Resources in 10+ Languages
This ministry is planning on adding more languages.

Indigitube Online Christian Outreach Videos in Hundreds of Languages for Diffferent People Groups

Indigitube -Online Videos and Animations That Share the Gospel Message in Hundreds of Different Languages

International Million Dollar Bill Christian Tract - Download for Free in 36 Languages

Internet Biblical Seminary in Nine Languages

Isaiah 53- An Old Testament, Tanakh, or Prophetic Chapter Proving that Jesus or Y’shua is the Messiah

Italian Christian Resources


Japanese Christian Resource Directory

Jesus Film - Sign Language Version in 14 Languages

Jesus Film in 1435 Plus Languages

Jesus Film Special Price

Jewish Outreach Resources

Jesus Storybook Illustrated Bible Stories in 19 Languages

Jewish Testimonies for Jesus - Online Video Testimonies

John Ankerberg Videos Online in English and Spanish

John R. Rice Audio Sermons, Books, Pamphlets, Booklets, Online Video Sermons, and Tracts

Joni Film in 9 Languages

Joshua Project

J. Harold Smith Audio Sermons, Video Sermons, and Books

J. Witnesses Cult - Apologetics on Why it is a Cult


Kannada Christian Resources

Ken Anderson Films - Streamed Online in 38 Languages

Ken Anderson Films - Watch Online in 39 Languages - By Title

Knowing God Evangelistic Presentation in 25 Languages Online

Knowing God Online Gospel Presentation in 25 Languages

King of Glory Film on Dvd in 14 Languages

Kingstone Comic Books

Korean Christian Movies, Films, Dvds, and Digital Downloads

Korean Christian Resources


Larry Burkett Christian Financial Advice - Audio, Books, and Video

Lee Roberson Books, Audio and Video Sermons

Legal Resources (Christian)

Lester Roloff - Audio Sermons, Books, Radio Ministry, Listen Online, and Mobile App

Life Explored Evangelistic Dvd in 15 Languages


Life of Jesus- Gospel of John Online Film in 22 Languages

Literacy and Evangelism Primers in 251 Languages - Free Download

Living Waters

Living Waters Online Videos in English and Spanish

Love Your Neighbor Film in 1907 Languages

Low Price Christian Colleges, Universities, Bible Institutes, and Seminaries, Correspondence Courses, Pastor Training, and Bible Education by Extension

Lumo Videos Online in 54 Languages


Magdalena Film on on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in 197 Languages

Malayalam Christian Resources

Marathi Christian Resources

Medical Missions (Christian)

Messianic Jewish Teaching and Testimony Videos Online Of People Who Believe that Jesus or Y’shua is the Messiah

Military Outreach Christian Resources

Mini Bible College in 36 Languages - Free

Ministries to Firefighters, Police Officers, Peace Officers, Emergency Medical Service Workers, and Politicians

Ministry 127- Encouraging, Equipping, and Engaging Ideas from Local Church Leaders

Ministry to the Blind Resources

Missionary Resources

Mission Finder

Moment After Film in 4 Languages

Moms in Prayer Resources in 14 Languages - Praying for Children, Teachers and Schools

Moody Science Classics Films -19 Titles on Dvd

More than Dreams Film in 33 Languages

Mormonism is a Cult or False Doctrine

Multi Language Media

Musica Cristiana Conservadora

My Last Day Online Film in 240 Languages


National Missionaries Resource Directory

Nepali Christian Resources

New Life Discipleship Manual in 18 Languages

North American Mission Board (NAMB)


Oliver B Greene Books and Audio

One Million Tracts for a 7500 Dollar Offering

One Minute Witnessing Tool in 31 Languages

Online School of Biblical Studies by YWAM in Nine Languages

Operation London - Tract and Evangelism Outreach to London

Operation Somebody Cares Illustrated Tracts for a Low Price Offering in 11 Languages

Oscar UK Mission Resourcing Service

Our Daily Bread Online Devotional in 27 Languages

Overcomer Film on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in Nine Languages


Parental Control Resources

Pastor Training Resources in 50 Languages

Pastor and Leader Training Resources

Paul The Emissary Film on Dvd in 6 Languages

Paul Timothy Pastor Training Resources

Peace Child Film on Dvd in 17 Languages

Película de El Infierno Ardiente Dvd Y
Ver En Línea

Pilgrim’s Progress Animated Film on Dvd in 7 Languages

Polish Christian Resources

Portuguese Christian Dvds and Digital Downloads

Portuguese Christian Resources

Prayer of Salvation in 33 Languages - Watch Online

Prayer Resources

Prison Ministry Resources

Punjabi Christian Resources

Puppet Ministry Resources


Rabbis Who Believe that Y'shua or Jesus is the Jewish Messiah

Reasons to Believe in Jesus or Y’shua

Reflections of Hope Online Film in 198 Languages

Resources for Evangelism

Resources for Missions in 27 Languages Online

Rivka Online Film in 26 Languages

Road to Emmaus - The Greatest Mystery Online Film in 8 Languages

Romanian Christian Resources

Russian Christian Resources


Scripture Earth - Online Resource Directory in Thousands of Languages

Scripture Earth Christian Resources in Many Languages

Seventh Day Adventist False Doctrines and Beliefs

Share Jesus Without Fear

Share Jesus Without Fear Book in 23 Languages

Share the Gospel at Home

Sight and South Theaters Films - Watch Online or Order on Dvd

Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God Sermon By Jonathan Edwards

Skeptics - Bible Questions and Answers, Audio, Books, and Videos Online

Slovak Christian Resources

Spanish Christian Films on Dvd, Digital Download, and Streamed Online

Spanish Christian Resources

Sports Ministry Resources (Christian)

Solar Bible Bus Complete Five Years Series by John Vernon McGee in 12 Languages

Stan Telchin Videos Online and Books

Stephen’s Test of Faith Film on Dvd in 4 Languages

Story Clubs Online Film in 176 Languages

Story of Jesus for Children Online Film in 175 Languages

Struggle and Triumph Online Sports Testimony Videos in Amharic

Swahili and Kiswahili Christian DVDs

Swahili Christian Resources


Tamil Christian Resources

Telling Kelli Film - Buy the Dvd or Watch Online in 32 Languages

Telugu Christian Resources

The Beginning Film in Many Languages - Watch Online

The Bible App for Kids in 40 Languages

The Chosen Film

The Chosen TV Series - Watch Online and on an App in Many Languages

The Four Spiritual Laws on Paper in 164 Languages

The Four Spiritual Laws Online Tract in 158 Languages

The Gate to Life Illustrated Booklet in 18 Languages

The Global Gospel in 43 languages - Watch Online

The Greatest Doctor Booklet - Read Online or Download

The Hiding Place Film on Dvd, and Digital Download in Six Languages

The Hope Christian Dvd - Watch Online Free, Download to Cell Phones and Tablets Free in 64 Languages

The Hope Christian Dvd in 65 Languages

The HopeLine Ebooks Online in English and Spanish

The Jesus Film, Magdalena: Released From Shame, and The Story of Jesus for Children on on a Custom Dvd or Custom Micro SD Card in Many Languages

The Jim Elliot Story Film on Dvd in 9 Languages - Watch Online

The John Bunyan Story Film on Dvd in 9 Languages

The King Illustrated Booklet in 19 Languages

The Light of the World Film in 8 Languages

The Most Important Story Evangelistic Magazine in 22 Languages

The Most Reluctant Convert The Untold Story of C. S. Lewis on Dvd in 7 Languages

The Pilgrim’s Progress Animated Film on Dvd in 9 Languages

The Pilgrim’s Progress Animated Film - Watch Online in 28 Languages

The Prophets Speak Illustrated Booklet in 9 Languages

The Richard Wurmbrand Story Film in 4 Languages On Dvd - Watch Online

The Savior Film on Dvd and Digital Download in 29 Languages

The Secret of True Life Film- Watch Online in 17 Languages

The Secret to True Life Illustrated Booklet in 25 Languages

The Story Film in 23 Languages- Watch Online

The Story of Jesus Audio Drama Online in 431 Languages

The Story of Jesus for Children Online Film in 176 Languages

The Waiting World Online Videos Regarding 36 Unreached People Groups

The William Tyndale Story Film in 8 Languages

The Worship Network - Watch and Listen Online

Theological Or Bible Education by Extension Courses in 67 Languages

Trans World Radio Christian Programs in 92 Languages-Listen Online or on the Radio

Thru the Bible Resources Online and on Paper

Thru the Bible Radio Program in 120 Different Languages

Tim Tebow Testimony Videos


Ukrainian Christian Resources

Ultimate Questions Booklet in 49 Languages

Uncle Charlie - Keys for Kids Ministry - Audio and Videos Online

United Methodist False Teachings and Beliefs

United Pentecostal False Beliefs and Doctrines


Unshackled Radio Program in 15 Languages


Vietnamese Christian Resources


Walking with Jesus (Africa) Online Film in 63 Languages

Watch the Jesus Film Online in Almost 2000 Languages

War Room Film on Blu-Ray, on Dvd, and Digital Download in Ten Languages

Warren Wiersbe Books, Teaching, Sermons, Audio and Videos

Watch The Jesus Film Online in Over 1800 Languages

Water Ministry Resource Directory

World Christian Tracts- Where to Buy Tracts Around the World

World Missionary Press Booklets in 352 Languages- Online and on Paper

What Is Your Life Story Tract Online

Who is Jesus to you Videos - Watch Online in Many Languages

Why Hasidic, Orthodox, and Conservative Jewish People Need Jesus or Y’shua as Their Messiah

Wonderful Word Publishers- Printing Ministry

World Bible Finder
World Bible Finder is a web directory where you can find web site links where you can buy Christian Bibles, New Testaments, Gospels, Audio Bibles, Braille Bibles and find online Bibles in hundreds of languages around the world.
The WorldBibles site provides links where you can find translations of the Bible in over 4000 languages. They have list over 14,000 internet links where you can find the Bible or the New Testament in thousands of languages, and in many formats.

World Bible Society Locations

World Christian Audio Directory
This site has information on Christian audio recordings in over one thousand languages.

World Christian Films

World Christian Missionary Resources
World Christian Missionary Resources provides information and resources on how you can reach your world for Jesus and other useful information for Christians. This web site provides information on resources in many different languages.

World Christian Resources Directory
World Christian Resources Directory provides information and resources on how you can reach your world for Jesus and other useful information for Christians. This web site provides information on resources in many different languages.

World Christian Resources Directory

World Christian Resource Site

World Christian Tract Directory
World Christian Tract Directory provides information on the different ministries and organizations publishing evangelical Christian tracts. You can find here the addresses and web sites of where to buy the tracts or receive free samples or a free sample pack.

World Christian Tract Finder
World Christian Tract Finder is a web directory. You can find a list of web site links where you can buy Christian tracts or where you can get free online tracts in hundreds of languages around the world.

World Christian Tract Ministry
World Christian Tract Ministry can help you find the right tract for your tract outreach.

World Christian Video Directory
World Christian Video/DVD Directory is a web directory. You can find a list of web site links where you can get Christian DVDs or watch Christian videos online. Thousands of titles in around 1000 languages are listed with a description and where to get them.

World Christian Video Directory
World Christian Video Directory has a list of Christian videos in all the languages of the world. You will also find addresses or web sites where you can buy the videos.


Zume Free Discipleship Training Online in Video, Audio, and Online PDFs in 29 Languages

If you have any questions or need help finding a particular video, tract, book or any other Christian resource in any language of the world, please contact